Pedal Mexico

November 29-December 5, 2023



The total price of this trip is $3899 per person. At this time we only need a $500 deposit to hold your spot on this very popular ride.  

By the way, here's what our friendly competitors charges for a similar trip. We give you two more days... for $200 - $600 less!

(Are we going to boast? We are not.)

Not to worry -- you have 14 days from the time you register to cancel without penalty. You get back that entire $500.

Complete info on what's included and what isn't can be found here, but basically everything is covered except airfare and your poolside bar tab. (See, some of you will probably have just one drink, and some of you may have...uh... more than one drink, so to keep it fair for everyone...)


The price of the ride is based on two people per hotel room.  Please list below the name of the person who will be your roommate.  

If you want us to find a roommate of the same gender as you, we're happy to help. Please enter Find Me a Roommate in the space below. We've had quite a few requests from both men and women looking for roommates, so join us! 

If it turns out that we can't find you a roommate in a sane amount of time we will refund all of your $500 deposit. 

If you want a private room each night just for yourself it costs $650 extra for the entire trip.  Just write, "Private Room" in the space below and we will bill you accordingly.  (We don't profit from that $650 private-room fee.  We just give it to the hotel where we stay).


If you are taking a hotel room for yourself, the room will have one king or queen bed.

If you are sharing a room with another person, you have a choice of one bed or two beds.

What do you prefer?



Tell us about any special meal needs and we'll do our very best for you! Check all that apply.


At this writing (summer 2023) the COVID situation is MUCH better.

Masks are not required on this trip.. 

We are sure to have some folks who want to mask and some folks who don't and we're all going to respect those personal choices.

Non-Pedaling Friends, Spouses, Siblings, Sweeties...

We often hear from wonderful cyclists who say, "My companion does not pedal but they want to come along anyway -- is that OK?"


We think they'll enjoy the great meals, the nice people, the sun and swimming, being with you...

Please note that non-cyclists pay the same price as people riding bikes. 

Yes, even if they're "just coming along for one dinner." 

We DO hear from people on the trip who say, "I'm not going to dinner with you guys tonight -- my friend is in town and we're going somewhere else to eat.  See you in the morning."  That works for us!


Need to Cancel Right Away?

You have 14 days from the time you register to cancel without penalty. You get back that entire $500. 


Trip insurance is available from Travel Guard, and covers you if you can't make the trip, or get sick in the middle of the event.  You can read all about it and get a free quote here.  No sales call; no hard sell.

The insurance costs about 10% - 15% of the price of the trip, depending on which options you pick.

If you decide to buy trip insurance we recommend that you sign up for the trip first, BEFORE you buy coverage. (It's just easier that way). Trip insurance questions? Happy to assist -- just contact us.


At the end of this online registration you'll be charged a $500 deposit on your credit card.

We'll send you an invoice for the balance due.  A second payment of $1,000 per person is due 30 days after you register.  Final payment is due 30 days before the trip begins.

Discount!  We welcome payments by check or credit card for your balance -- your choice. If you pay your entire balance by check, Venmo, PayPal, or Zelle -- all at once or in several payments -- we will subtract $75 per person from your bill. (Please contact us first before using any of these electronic payment methods).


We need at least 20 people signed up for this trip to make it work. If we have fewer than 20 I lose a lot of money, and once when I wasn't paying attention my accountant said something about losing money being very bad.

Reservations usually come in apace, but If we get to October 15th and we haven't sold enough slots, we'll cancel the trip, notify you, and IMMEDIATELY refund 100% of what you've paid.  Your cost is zero.

All this a long-winded way to say that if you are one of the first to sign-up we appreciate it, but I wouldn't dash out and purchase trip cancellation insurance or book a non-refundable airfare just yet until we confirm with you on October 15th or earlier. 



I, the undersigned, have read the refund policy for the ride, which can be found on the All the Bad Things on One Page section of our website, and agree to the refund policy's terms.

Waiver and Release of Claims: In consideration for your allowing me to participate in the Pedal Mexico ride, I, the undersigned, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, waive and release any and all claims for damages, for death, personal injury or loss of property which I may have or which may accrue to me as a result of my participation. I, the undersigned, discharge and release BICYCLE SHOWS U.S., Glen Goldstein, and their respective agents, vendors, rest stop locations, mechanics, boards and commissions from all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my participation in this excursion, whether or not caused by the negligence of any of the above parties. I acknowledge that this event may involve risks, including the risk of falling, collision with other bicyclists, motor vehicles, or stationary objects, and the conditions of the road. My participation is voluntary and done at my risk. I voluntarily assume all risks of loss, damage or injury that may be sustained while participating in this event. I recognize that an event of this nature can be physically demanding. I understand and agree that medical or other services rendered to me by or at the insistence of any of the above parties are not an admission of liability to provide or continue to provide such services, and are not a waiver by any of the said parties of any right hereunder. I understand that serious accidents may occur during bicycling excursions and that participants in this excursion may sustain mortal or serious injury as a consequence of their participation. I understand that my bicycle or other equipment may be stolen, damaged or destroyed during the ride, including during transportation in our rented trucks, buses, or other vehicles. Nevertheless, I agree to assume these risks and to release and hold harmless all of the persons mentioned above who might otherwise be liable to me for damages. I attest that I have checked the equipment I will use in this event and it is in good mechanical condition. I understand that bicycle helmets can prevent injuries and I agree to always wear a SNELL or ANSI approved bicycle helmet properly on my head whenever bicycling during this event. We reserve the right to cancel the ride if we feel that riding conditions are dangerous to you or others. The ride may also be canceled by an outside agency not controlled by us. No refunds or credits will be issued if the ride is canceled. I have read and understand everything written above and I voluntarily accept this agreement..
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