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The 60th Annual

Ride to Montauk

Ride Hard Have Fun Don't Act Like a Jerk

September 14, 2024

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First, pick a ride category.

VITAL! The KIDS category is ONLY for kids. (Duh!)

Why is this ride so expensive? 

I'm glad you asked! 

The answer here.

Please enter here the address where you want your registration materials mailed. 

This does NOT need to be the same as your billing address, which we will ask you for below.

Be SURE to include an apartment number, business name, or floor number if appropriate. We can NOT guarantee delivery without this information! (The post office has become extra-cranky on this topic  -- even if there are only two apartments in your building, they are insisting on an apartment number or they will return your registration materials to us).

We ask for your phone number only to reach you in case of a real problem.


Well now this is sure to lead to adventures!

A really nice cyclist asked if they could set up a team.  

Sure, why not!

If this is not of interest to you, just skip it -- nothing to see here!

Would you like to join or create a team?


How far do you want to pedal and where do you want to begin your day?

VITAL NOTES About the 25-Mile Route

This information is ONLY for the 25-mile route. If that is not your preferred distance, skip this and head straight below to the spot where you pick your route.

The place where the 25-mile riders start to pedal is located in Bridgehampton, well, just about 25-miles away from the Montauk finish line. You are on the same route as everyone else; you just start pedaling closer to Montauk.

The way 99% of the cyclists get to the place where the 25s start to pedal is that they go to our Manhattan, Babylon, Brooklyn, Mastic-Shirley, or Hampton Bays start line on ride day and we transport their bike and them to Bridgehampton for free.

We occasionally hear from a very few people who live in the Hamptons or are staying in Montauk. On ride day they want to drive themselves straight to that Bridgehampton location to pedal the 25-mile route, and skip all of those other check-in locations. Sounds OK to us!


We offer transportation from the Montauk finish line back to Bridgehampton after the ride is over for YOU, but there is NO transport for bicycles back to Bridgehampton. You MUST have a way to way to get your bike back to Bridgehampton on your own -- we can't transport it, and we are not aware of any public transit that goes there that will take a bike.

Manhattan, Babylon, Brooklyn, Hampton Bays, and Mastic-Shirley are full-service start lines with all the trimmings -- breakfast, mechanics... At the 25-mile start we'll have NUTHIN'! (Because most riders enjoyed all the goodies at one of those other start lines!). Bridgehampton is more of a transport depot than a start line...

Our crew will be there in Bridgehampton to hand you your rider I.D. wristband if you don't already have it, and there will be portable toilets, but that's it. Be sure you are fed and have your water bottles filled BEFORE you arrive in Bridgehampton for the 25-mile route.

As long as you understand this, you are welcome to skip Manhattan, Babylon, Brooklyn, Mastic-Shirley, or Hampton Bays and head straight to the 25-mile start. 

How Far Do You Think

You Want to Pedal on Ride Day?

Where Do You Want to Start Your Day?

You can change your mind, even on ride day itself. No need to notify us. But letting us know in advance which distance and start line you THINK you want to do helps us plan better for you.

Don't see the distance/start line combination you're looking for, below?

That's because it doesn't exist! (For example, there is no 155-mile/Babylon start...)

Day-Before Bike Loading and Check-In

We offer OPTIONAL day-before check in for your bike and you in Manhattan and Babylon from 3 p.m. - 7 p.m. on Friday September 13th, the day BEFORE the ride.  

Why day before check-in?

1. The lines are much shorter the day-before.

2. Sleep in later on ride day -- you're already checked in and your bike is loaded!

Complete details on day-before bike loading and check-in here.

So, whaddaya think?

NOTE: Day-before bike loading and check-in is NOT available for all route distances. If you don't see the route distance of your choice here, it means that it is not available.

(Why? We offer day-before bike loading and check in for THE most popular routes, to avoid crowding on ride day. The other routes are just as nice; just not as busy on the day of the ride).



Please read this carefully!

The Ride to Montauk is a bit different than most rides -- it is a one-way trip, and no matter which distance you do, the ride is going to end in Montauk, NY and you will need a way to get your bike and you home again.

SO... Are you taking our optional transport home, or are you getting home on your own without our help? (Remember -- no bicycles are allowed on the train this weekend, even if you have an LIRR bike pass. Their rules; not ours!)

NOTE: We transport YOU home on ride day, but ALL bikes will be transported home on Sunday September 15th, the day AFTER the ride. There is NO bike delivery on ride day. Complete details here.

Transport home is available to:



Hamptons Bay




NOTE: We can transport YOU back to Bridgehampton, but there is NO bike transport back to Bridgehampton at all. Transport home to Bridgehampton is MUCH less expensive since it is so close to Montauk AND because there is no bike delivery there.

We're going to ask you here where you want to take return transport. You can change your return destination, even at the last minute, but telling us now where you THINK you want to go helps us plan better for you.


It's still early so the final design isn't ready yet. 

As soon as it's done we'll send you an email and ask if you want s to add one to your registraiton.


Ride to Montauk T-shirts

Everyone gets a FREE Ride to Montauk T-shirt, subject to availability. 

Pick your size here please.

TRIVIA: Years back we thought we were really cool and offered separate Men's and Women's sizes. The only problem was that every woman we spoke to later told us that they HATED the women's cut. Probably designed by men! "I know what women like!"  (Um.... no; you don't...)

SO... all shirts here are men's sizes.

Order Your Free T-Shirt Here

  • MEN'S T-Shirt

    MEN'S T-Shirt


We ride rain or shine.  So usually we hesitate to even mention the word “rain”.  But we just did, so we offer optional rain insurance.

Here’s how it works:

IF YOU WISH you pay an additional $45.  On ride day if it rains 1/2” or more any time between 5:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. the insurance company pays you $365. (Want a "bigger umbrella"? Pay $90 for rain insurance and get $730 if it rains. Your choice.)

You do NOT need to show up on ride day to collect. So if you wake up and it’s pouring, you can stay home and go back to sleep. We’ll mail your check to you. 

If you have souvenir clothing such as racing jerseys or T-shirts waiting for you at the finish line you get that stuff AND the full payout. HOWEVER... if your clothing is being held at the finish line for you you’ll either have to pick it up there, have a friend grab it for you, or pay a modest fee to have it shipped to you after the ride. 

The Fine Print

This is real insurance, which we buy from a real insurance company. These are reliable folks, but we pay you when they pay us. If the insurance kicks in they will send one check directly to us. That means that we’ll send out YOUR check as soon as we get OUR check and give it a couple days to clear the bank. (We trust them; we just can’t afford to lay out all that dough!)

Please remember that we are NOT guaranteeing that it won’t drizzle; we’re protecting you against a downpour.

The rain is measured in Manhattan, Babylon, and Montauk at professional weather stations not affiliated with the insurance company or with us.


If we saw this rainfall on ride day:

Manhattan: 0"

Babylon: 0.5"

Montauk: 0"

Then the insurance would pay off, no matter which route or morning check-in location you chose, because it rained 1/2" or more.


If we saw THIS rainfall on ride day:

Manhattan: 0.4"

Babylon: 0.4"

Montauk: 0.4"

The insurance would NOT pay off, since it didn't rain 1/2" or more in any one location.

Clear as mud? You bet!

Welcome to the Express Lane 2024!

Register for the ride before August 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. and we will mail your rider I.D. wristbands to you for FREE.  On Montauk day skip the check-in line and ride!

If you are doing our optional day-before check-in you STILL skip the registration desk line -- just head straight for the bike loading area.

Want your wristbands AND your souvenir goodies mailed to you before the ride? We offer that deluxe service for $20 extra. Order below.


1.  This whole pre-mail things makes us twitch, because it means we must count on the U.S. Postal Service (and our crew) to never ever make a mistake. (Same goes for your doorman, spouse, kids, roommate, landlord, dog, or anyone else who touches your mail at home). We'll be mailing out more than 700 envelopes, and you can be sure that one or two are never going to make it.


SO... if you pay EXTRA to have your souvenir goodies mailed to you before the ride and it doesn't show up, we will do everything we can to make good -- rush a replacement to you if possible; refund the pre-mail fee if we can't.

BUT... if the wristbands-only envelope we mailed you for FREE fails to show in time, you will have our very sincere apologies, and we will be happy to re-mail if there's still time, but we can't afford to Fed-Ex your wristbands to you. You'll have to go through the very short check-in line.

2. You can not pick up clothing at day-before check-in.

3.  If you are picking up clothing on the day of the ride, it is available ONLY at the finish line -- not at morning check in.

Clear as mud? You bet! 

Welcome to the Department of Annoying & Vital Questions!

There's some important info that will make your day MUCH better and we want to be SURE you've read it. So hang in there and answer the next couple questions so we know we're good here.

Green Lights/Blue Lights

In Southampton the local emergency professionals (EMS, Fire, Police) sometimes use the traditional red flashing lights, but they may also have blue or green lights too.

This is no joke -- if you see a vehicle behind you that has red, blue, or green flashing lights, get the heck out of the way IMMEDIATELY. Lives are at stake here.

Give Respect/Get Respect

We want the towns we ride through to welcome us back, and we want to keep each other safe on the road. That means no riding two-abreast when streets are narrow. passing too close, or otherwise acting like a jerk.


If any of our many marshals spot you yelling at drivers, pounding on car hoods, or otherwise acting disrespectfully to the locals (whether you think it's justified or not) we will not hesitate for a moment to grab you by the ear (or any other appendage we can reach) and yank you out of the ride IMMEDIATELY. No post-ride transport, no post-ride meal, no S.A.G. service, NO REFUNDS.


When we get closer to ride day we send out emails with all the stuff you need to know -- where to show up, when... The only problem is that we find that -- at best -- 70 percent of the riders actually read that stuff!

No problem-o! Everything you need to know is right here on the Quick Start section of our web site.

SO... raise your right hand and repeat after me:

"Being a smart and totally awesome person, I promise to either:

A) Read the emails when they get sent out (and make sure they're not in my spam filter).

B) Skip the emails but read the Quick Start guide.

C) Use my psychic powers to know what to do.

D) Not send an email to Glen at 1 a.m. on ride day marked URGENT -- WHAT TIME DO I SHOW UP? WHERE'S THE START LINE?

The End Is Near

We welcome fast cyclists and slow cyclists.

We can't keep the rest stops or the finish line meal open forever, intriguing as that idea sounds. 

We give you PLENTY of time to get to each location, but we DO set closing times, which will be posted loud and clear on the route sheet we hand you on ride day.

Having said that, I always get furious emails after the ride: "I showed up at the third rest stop (two hours after the posted closing time) and there was no one there!"


Getting Picked Up at the Finish Line

If you are taking our transport home, this does not affect you in any way. 

But if you are getting picked up by a friend that's cool, but be aware that at the finish line (and the roads near the finish line) there is absolutely positively 



NO STOPPING (No; not even for "just a second".)

There's just no room, and the East Hampton police, who are very nice to us, WILL be ticketing like crazy.

Your friend can park at the Montauk lighthouse, and we will have a free shuttle service to take people back and forth between the lighthouse and the finish line. Parking at the lighthouse cots about $8. (We don't get any of that money -- it goes to the park's department).


Having Trouble Registering?

When people have trouble completing online registration, here are the key culprits:

* Note that many questions are marked with an asterisk. That means that the question is MANDATORY -- you have to answer it or the software won't let you complete registration. For example, when we ask if you want rain insurance, you have to select No if you don't want it -- you can't just skip the question. (Sneaky, right?)

* If you are trying to register from your office computer your bosses might have a firewall installed to protect you from fun at work. Try from a different computer.

* If you type in your credit card incorrectly it will be rejected.

Hope this helps! Still stuck? Contact us here.



I, the undersigned, have read the refund policy for the ride, which can be found on the All the Bad Things on One Page section of our web site, and agree to the refund policy's terms.

Waiver and Release of Claims: In consideration for your allowing me to participate in the Ride to Montauk, I, the undersigned, for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, waive and release any and all claims for damages, for death, personal injury or loss of property which I may have or which may accrue to me as a result of my participation. I, the undersigned, discharge and release BICYCLE SHOWS U.S., Glen Goldstein, and their respective agents, vendors, rest stop locations, mechanics, boards and commissions from all liability arising out of or connected in any way with my participation in this excursion, whether or not caused by the negligence of any of the above parties. I acknowledge that this event may involve risks, including the risk of falling, collision with other bicyclists, motor vehicles, or stationary objects, and the conditions of the road. My participation is voluntary and done at my risk. I voluntarily assume all risks of loss, damage or injury that may be sustained while participating in this event. I recognize that an event of this nature can be physically demanding. I understand and agree that medical or other services rendered to me by or at the insistence of any of the above parties are not an admission of liability to provide or continue to provide such services, and are not a waiver by any of the said parties of any right hereunder. I understand that serious accidents may occur during bicycling excursions and that participants in this excursion may sustain mortal or serious injury as a consequence of their participation. I understand that my bicycle or other equipment may be stolen, damaged or destroyed during the ride, including during transportation in our rented trucks, buses, or other vehicles. Nevertheless, I agree to assume these risks and to release and hold harmless all of the persons mentioned above who might otherwise be liable to me for damages. I attest that I have checked the equipment I will use in this event and it is in good mechanical condition. I understand that bicycle helmets can prevent injuries and I agree to always wear a SNELL or ANSI approved bicycle helmet properly on my head whenever bicycling during this event. BICYCLE SHOWS U.S. reserves the right to cancel the ride if riding conditions are dangerous. The ride may also be canceled by an outside agency not controlled by BICYCLE SHOWS U.S. No refunds or credits will be issued if the ride is canceled. I have read and understand everything written above and I voluntarily accept this agreement.

I the undersigned, further agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Southampton, NY and the Town of East Hampton, NY, the Village of Westhampton Beach, NY, their employees, agents and servants from and against any and all demands, claims, liabilities, losses, damages, expenses including attorney’s fees and judgments for any personal injuries, death, property loss or damage in any way relating to or arising from my participation in this event.

Hey Friends, this ride passes through the Town of Southampton, and their representatives have asked us to sign this additional waiver, below.  Thanks.

I am the person named on this form and I reside at the address indicated above. I hereby shall release, indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Town of Southampton, its officers, employees, contractors, agents and representatives from and against any and all demands, liabilities, losses, damages, expense (including reasonable attorney's fees) and judgements for any personal injuries, death, or property damage directly relating to or arising from my participation in the 2019 Ride to Montauk to be held on September 14, 2024.

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